Wednesday, July 15, 2009


After extensive googling, it turns out our new rookie Scott Hotham is pretty much everything the Blades are making him out to be. He did very well playing for St. Mary's University, he received quite a few awards (I don't feel like listing all of them). Of course the real test will be when the season starts, but I have confidence that we have a great player.

On another note, there are 8 players that have been offered a contract that have not accepted them. The Blades announced the offers on 7/1/09 to- Milan Gijac, Ryan Lang, Steve McJannet, Patrick Bordeleau, Alex Parent, Brad Herauf, Dominic D'Amour, and Michael Grenzy. I'm sure they all need time to think about it, but I wish they would hurry. These are some of my favorite guys!

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