Saturday, April 2, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Stingrays (4/1/11)

With home ice advantage on the line, it was obvious the Stingrays were not going to sit back and allow the Blades to control the game as they did Monday. What could not be predicted was just how hard the Stingrays were going to come at the Everblades.


The Rays made their statement a little over a minute into the game by opening scoring. About nine minutes later they made it 2-0. It was obvious the Blades were being outworked throughout most of the period. Bobby Raymond did manage to make it a 2-1 game though, and it seemed as if the Blades would have one of their usual crappy start, good ending, kind of game.


Unfortunately, it was not to be. The Stingrays scored three unanswered goals in the second at the 5, 12, and 19  minute marks. The Blades did score a goal, but the light never went on and the Ref never saw it. Everyone in my section, on the other hand, saw the puck completely cross the line. Aside from that complete rip off, the only other event worth mentioning was Tim Spencer getting into another fight. The period ended with the Blades in a 5-1 hole they didn't look like they'd be able to get out of.


The Blades must have gotten quite the lecture during the second intermission, because they came out the team they had been Wednesday night. Alex Imbeault opened up the scoring with his 36 goal of the season four and a half minutes in to make it 5-2. Right off of the face off Brad Snetsinger netted one of his own to make it 5-3. The Stingrays coach immediately called a time-out to calm down his team (and maybe give Stingrays goalie Shane Owen a second to stop shaking). Though the Blades put on major pressure and had some good chances, the Rays stayed calm. Elgin Reid made it a 5-4 game around the 15 minute mark. Unfortunately, even with Mike Zacharias pulled for the extra attacker and a timely power play the Blades couldn't score. In fact, if not for some amazing heroics, they would have given up a short-handed empty net goal. The final score was 5-4. The game sheet is here. Pictures from the game are here.


Some thoughts:

- Call me fickle, but I'm over Mike Zacharias. Too many soft goals and juicy rebounds. There were times when I flashed back to Mike Morrison in net last season.

- I will admit that I wondered why Mathieu Roy was given the C. I understand now. Dude is incapable of doing anything halfway.

- *Insert usual praise of Bobby Raymond here*

- *Insert usual "anyone see Imbeault?" comment here*

- The Blades are in an odd position right now. If the win the third game of the series they take on Wheeling. If they lose they take on Kalamazoo. I know what team I want us to get, but I'm not saying anything.

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