Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Links

I bet you guys thought I'd forgotten your weekly dose of useless links again. Ok, I'll be honest, I almost did. I remembered though! That's all that matters.

- A quick note, I have to skip the Blades game tonight. That means no photo's and probably no re-cap. If someone were to email me their re-cap I'd probably post it and dig something out of my giant box of Everblades stuff as a reward.

- Two Blades jerseys for $30? Very tempting. Though it is that hideous crossed tails logo...

- Yet another gem from Third String Goalie, a look into Andy Warhol and some of his hockey related art.

- The day I finally wear out all of my hockey t-shirts is the day I order this custom blanket. I might have to start loaning some out since I own so many.

- You guys know, I'll never get enough hockey cakes.

Hockey skates jersey and bench

- One of my favorite magazines, Mental_Floss, had a great look at Rendez-Vous 87 just a few days ago.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for the day- "Unicycle hockey"

- What would Friday be without it's requisite kitty?

funny pictures - It makes me sad  when you don't wear pants
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