Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Everblades Re-sign MacLean

Brandon MacLean

In what I can only assume is the Blades front office continuing to mess with me (because I'm just that delusional), they announced the signing of Brandon MacLean.

You may remember MacLean for that whole "ending 14 year Kelly Cup drought with a heart stopping overtime goal and making us all so happy we didn't have voices the next day" thing.

This is definitely good news. He was always fun to watch and obviously instantly became a fan favorite with that goal. 


Personally, I'm hoping he can find a spot in the AHL (I pretty much want that for all the players), but I guess if he does have to play at the ECHL level it's good for us it will be in a Blades jersey.

Oh! This is the perfect time for a contest, isn't it?

Here we go: Leave your best nickname for Brandon MacLean in the blog's comments. I'll decide which is my favorite (though other fan votes may sway me in one direction or another) and award a MacLean autographed photo taken by yours truly to the best nickname. You'll also get the satisfaction of seeing it used constantly (by me at least) and bragging rights.

Three rules:
1. Please keep it clean. I don't need to be seen as any crazier than I already am. I'll be using this nickname while tweeting and blogging, be nice.
2. If you've won something before, you can't win this. Just giving everyone a chance to win something.
3. At least three people have to enter for the prize to be awarded, so maybe, I don't know... share the joy of Swamp Hockey with those you love?

You have until next Wednesday to think one up. Good luck.

Also, I believe the Everblades will be announcing their 15th anniversary logo today. Personally, I'm terrified, because the logo is so awesome you really can't improve on it.

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  1. Not looking for a win here but I like Big Mac or B-Mac. If you like it, use it. If not then keep the laughter to a minimum. ;-)


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