Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Links

To help you end another week of what has been an impossibly long off season, I give you... links!

- The good news? Trevor Bruess and Brayden Irwin are returning to the Blades.

- The bad news? This:

UnnnnBreeeaaak My Heeeaaaartttt

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Rink Hockey"

- If you feel like dropping $200 on a Blades helmet, here you go.

- Sometimes, you don't need elaborate cake decorating techniques to  make a fantastic hockey cake. This is a perfect example:

Off Season Hockey cake

- Third String Goalie marks the one year anniversary of the Lokomotive crash.

- Did I really find a company that makes furniture out of hockey sticks? Yes I did.

- Is this the greatest thing you could possibly cover your overpriced smartphone in? Yes it is.

- Kitty time!

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