Friday, August 14, 2009

News and Other Stuff

Here's some random crud to get you through the weekend guys...

- If your gig at Hooters isn't paying that well you could always become a Gator Girl! They're holding tryouts August 30th, and your not allowed to wear your favorite dance thong! I guess the team wants to be sure the girls who will jiggle for the old men between periods are classy. (Family Entertainment huh?)

- Gwinnett will be coming down to play two preseason games October 9th and 10th. Do they still have Fallon?

- Wikipedia hockey page of the week "Rover"

- A whole Ebay store of various hockey jerseys, most are ugly in my opinion.

- My dream job would be designing goalie masks, so I love SI for putting up the 08-09 goalie masks. Obviously Marc-Andre Fleury has the best one...

Till Monday friends! Hopefully I survive work this weekend.

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