Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thelen Returns and Other Blades Stuff

Sorry for not posting at all this week, HughesNet seems to think providing good service is overrated. The good news is my Internet is working again, and my sister nagged enough to get us a free month.

Anyhoo, the Blades announced yesterday that AJ Thelen will be returning next year. I'm happy to see him back, he's a solid guy when he's healthy. Let's hope he stays off the injured list this year.

Some other Blades stuff for you...
- The Hockey News is running a contest to find the best jersey in North American hockey. They released the early results for the ECHL, guess who's number one? Check the link out for rankings, and also vote wihle you're there.

-Blades games will no longer be on ESPN 770AM. You'll have to tune into Fox Sports Radio 1200/1460AM. If this means we can hear more games I'm fine with that. It is a little sad though, the Blades have been with ESPN radio for a long time. But, come on who listens to NASCAR on the radio? And why should that come before hockey?

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