Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kelly Cup Playoff Update

I'm sorry this didn't occur to me sooner.I had assumed everyone would lose interest in the ECHL playoffs once the Blades were out. Turns out, things are getting kind of interesting.

In the American conference, the Royals are stomping yet another team.  They're up 3-0 in their series with the Cincinnati cyclones. A big reason for the Royals getting this far has got to be Matt Dalton. This dude has not lost in regulation in the post season, and he does this all while sleeping on the floor of the team bus.

The Royals take on the Cyclones at 7:05 this Saturday. A win means a trip to the the Kelly Cup Finals to take on the winner of the National conference. You can check out a story on this from a local paper in Reading here.

In the National conference the Idaho Steelheads are up 2-1 in their series with the Stockton Thunder. They had to go into triple overtime for the third game to be decided, eventually leading to a 1-0 win for the Thunder. The next game is Friday at 10:30 (7:30 PT).

If last season is any indication of who will be winning the Kelly Cup, the Royals are a lock. Ask the Stingrays.


  1. Hardy is hardly the word for this kid :-) superhardy maybe - Just saying.
    Are you keeping up on Everblades players in the off season?

  2. I'm trying to keep up with the guys, but I don't want to invade their off-season lives. A few have stayed in town, but the rest are off to parts unknown and I don't want to stalk them via the Internet.


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