Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm going to have to stop with all these literary references before this blog gets all high brow and fancy.

So... five straight losses. Sucks right? Yesterday's was particularly cruddy considering they were winning when I left for a grocery run only to turn the radio on in the car to hear they let the Gladiators storm back. Before turning that radio back on I had already written a post crowing about how the Blades are winning with a gutted roster, and how awesome they were.

Obviously, I scrapped that plan.

Admittedly, I'm a little grumpy about the recent string of losses and my under-preforming NHL teams are not helping matters. But, you know what? It could be worse.

We could be on our tenth straight loss, right Gwinnett?
We could have only 21 points in the standings, the league worst record, right Reign?
Most importantly, we could still have Malcolm Cameron coaching.

Seriously, we're not in a terrible position. The injuries gutting the roster are not helping, he inability to convert on the power play is killing us, but we're still in a good position in the conference.

Besides, how many of you remember the 08-09 season? The Everblades dominated just about every team they played, had the best record, then disappeared in the playoffs (I honestly still have nightmares of that puck going right over Leggio's shoulder).

I'd much rather they slump now, let the injured guys get healthy, and come back better than ever and looking for blood (and points).

From now on, I'm pulling this out when I start hearing any rumblings. You've been warned.

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