Friday, January 14, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Stingrays (1/14/11)

The Everblades rolled into South Carolina on a six game losing streak. The Stingrays, on the other hand, have been riding high on a six game win streak. The question is, will both teams get to seven, or will they both start over from scratch?


Both teams came out strong in the first period. Both teams traded chances, but in the end, the Everblades were able to score first when Matt Becca stuffed a dirty goal past the Stingrays goalie at the 12:43 mark. The Stingrays responded four minutes later when an odd deflection shot past goalie Bobby Goepfert. Neither team was able to get ahead, and the period ended with both teams tied 1-1. The Blades led the SOG 11-8.


Once again, both teams came out strong to start the period, but it all started to turn around when the Everblades found themselves on the power play.A simple deflection off of Mathieu Roy's skate gave the Everblades their first power play goal in a long time and the lead. Exactly a minute later Drew Larman was able to give the Blades a more comfortable lead as well as earn his first of the year on a nifty little deflection that was originally credited to Mike Egener. The Blades weren't done though, at the 12:16 mark, Mike Egener decided to get the goal he lost back by ripping one in on the power play. Tony Mosey, one of the recent Everblades signings, got his first professional goal on an unassisted tally three minutes later to give the Blades the most comfortable lead they've seen in a while.When the 2nd period ended the Blades left the ice with a comfortable 5-1 margin on the Stingrays, they trailed the SOG 11-13.


After a strong showing from the Blades it was obvious the Stingrays were going to try to make one of their own. Unfortunately, they chose to do this by playing rough. This of course led to them taking three penalties in a span of about eight minutes. When it was obvious they weren't coming back they decided to take rough to a whole new level of goon. Their players attempted to involve Evgeny Timkin who made the wise, and very disciplined, decision to say niet to their funny business. When that didn't work, they used a stop by Goepfert as an excuse to create a scrum. The highlight? The Stingray who chose to punch Ed Snetsinger, one of the least aggressive Everblades, in the back of the head. The Everblades weren't able to make them pay on any of their power play chances, and Gopefert remained strong to keep the score unchanged. The final was 5-1, and the Blades once again trailed SOG 5-11. They broke the Stingrays 6 game winning streak, and ended their own 6 game losing streak.


Some Thoughts:
- Who said DON"T PANIC? I'm going to go gloat now.
- Tony Mosey got his first professional point, and his first professional goal!
- Might be premature to call this, but it sounds like he and Drew Larman have a little chemistry.
- Kevin Fukala did not play, he and Mike Egener were both fined for the little fight after the game yesterday.
- Great to see the Blades break the losing streak, that was going on way too long.

The Blades return to Gwinnett for a game tomorrow. Hopefully, they keep up the solid play that won them the game.

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