Friday, March 18, 2011

Live Blog: Everblades vs. Gladiators (3/18/11)

With the Blades playoff resting on their performance in the next three games calling this series the most important of the entire season. The Blades sit in seventh in the Eastern conference. The Gladiators? Ninth.

Eight teams make the Eastern conference playoffs.


Neither team can afford to lose a game. Obviously, things are going to get very interesting.


Starting line: Raymond, Fischer, Hutchings, Snetsinger, Hutchings, Goepfert.


I bet you want to hear about the amazing period the Blades had. With them dictating the play and scoring on the power play.

Well... you got your hopes too high didn't you?

The Gladiators dominated the first, the Everblades just never got it together. They were unable to convert on the power play. The Glads were able to get two past Bobby Goepfert withing 20 seconds of each other in the closing minutes of the period.

Basically, the Blades sucked in a game they have no option to suck in.

The period ended with the Gladiators holding their 2-0 lead and leading the SOG 13-7.


The second period could not have been any different from the first. It was Almost as if the Everblades realized how important the game they were playing is. After killing off a 5 on 3, the Blades started to take over. After a long bout of stained pressure the Blades were able to score their first goal of the night thanks to Bobby Raymond.


That goal, on the power play, seemed to wake the guys up. Alex Imbeault tied it up a minute and a half later with a goal of his own to make it 2-2. The Blades were able to stave off any goals from the Glads and the period ended with it tied 2-2. The SOG were tied 16-16 for the period.


The third period was pretty even. The score remained tied until late in the period, when a fluky play saw Alex Imbeault score his second goal of the game at the 15:47 mark. Despite the Glads best efforts, a pulled goalie, some intense pressure, and a few too many close calls, the Blades were able to hold them off for the win. The Glads led the SOG 18-4, and the final score was 3-2. The game sheet is here.

Three stars: 3. Francis (Gwinnett), 2. Goepfert, 1. Imbeault


Some thoughts:

- I would love to never hear or see the Blades play like they did in the first ever again.

- On the other hand, nothing would make me happier than a repeat of that second period for the rest of the season.

- Bobby Goepfert stopped 45 of 47 shots. Total beast.

- Nice of Imbeault to show up, huh?

- The only constant throughout this season is the penalty kill. At least we're good on that.

On another note, the Blades picked up goalie Mike Zacarias off of the waiver wire. His stats:

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