Tuesday, March 22, 2011

News and Notes

Well, late afternoon is almost the same thing as early evening right? Either way, here's a quick round up of all the fun that's been happening:

- Both Bobby Goepfert and Jaroslav Janus were called up to the AHL, meaning we have neither of our top goalies.

- At least our wonderful Checkers Friends have sent me a picture from warm-ups before tonight's game of Bobby Goepfert. Look at him in his grown up jersey! Thanks Lisa!

- The team did sign Mike Zacharias, the goalie we picked up from waivers last week.

- The Lightning announced the signing of a new goalie. There is the possibility that we will either him or Janus. Not a garantee of course, but it would be great for us (and his development).

- Dusty Collins is back from Oklahoma City. Wonder which AHL team will try to poach him next.

- Tony Mosey was released from the team. Poor guy can't catch break.

- Woody over at the Blades' Blog had a sneak peek at the special jerseys the Blades will be wearing for their series. My opinion: They could be worse...



  1. Hey, they spelled Geppy's name right!

  2. I was looking to see if they spelled his name right too!! Have you read his twitter? Loved hearing his flying woes lol

  3. Omg. I totally forgot about the spelling thing. Poor guy. I did try to get him to start a blog but he shot that idea down. Too bad.


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