Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Links

Another Friday, another serving of fresh links.

- Four games between the Solar Bears and Everblades were rescheduled.

- Up to 12 returnees from  last season squad? Yes, please.

- This jersey is so spectacularly hideous that I love it.

- Al Larson, the Blades official photographer, has an amazing photo book for sale that commemorates the Blades Kelly Cup season.

- Gummy bears playing hockey in an outdoor arena. In cake form! So amazing.


- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Victoria Cup"

- It looks like Jaroslav Janus will be playing in Europe next season.

- This has nothing to do with hockey, but I love lists of weird holidays. Here's everything you can celebrate in August. Personally, I'm looking forward to National Bad Poetry Day. Mostly because that's the only kind I'm capable of.

- The Solar Bears are going to honor the IHL Solar Bear's Turner Cup and raise a banner. Pretty cool of them to respect Orlando hockey history.

- It wouldn't be a Friday around here without a kitty.

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