Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Links

Slowly but surely we're getting through the off season. There was some pretty great Everblades news this week and the Jr Blades are starting to get things rolling as well. We're almost there guys.

- Another season of great hair behind the Blades bench? Aces.

- There's a lot of news coming out of Solar Bears land, hidden in all those words is a blurb about the Bears' plan to award a trophy named after former Bear Dan Snyder. Pretty cool of them.

- On a related note, how hilarious is it that the Solar Bears Photoshop the same chest in a jersey onto all of their players roster photos?

- This cake is the cutest thing ever

Animals playing hockey cake
- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Street Hockey"

- This scarf is pretty cool, for something bearing the Red Wings logo that is.

- Kitty time!

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