Saturday, November 6, 2010

Re-Cap: Blades vs. Stingrays (11/6/10)

The Everblades didn't have the best night against the Stingrays Friday, allowing them to storm back in an impressive come from behind victory (score sheet here ). Obviously, you never want to give up any lead, but letting the second worst team in the conference catch you slacking is about as embarrassing as it gets.


The first period was relatively a relatively flat affair with both teams trading lukewarm chances.Aside from a short 4 on 3 there wasn't anything really exciting. The period ended with both teams even at 0-0.


The flat play changed in the second period. Both teams actually showed some signs of life. A goal from Mathieu Roy (assisted by Kennedy and Paquet) around the 6 minute mark gave the Blades the lead. Later, Alex Hutchings gave the Blades a more comfortable lead with a power play goal (in the last second of the penalty) in the later minutes of the period. The teams left the ice with Florida up 2-0.


Obviously, the Stingrays spent most of the second intermission being yelled at. They never really stopped pressuring the Blades, and it paid off for them in the opening minutes when they score 54 seconds into the period to make it 2-1. By some grace of the hockey gods the Everblades were able to hold the Stingrays off as they applied major pressure. The solid play from the players and Jaroslav Janus playing out of his mind didn't hurt of course. In the end, the Blades managed to hold the Stingrays off. The final score was 2-1 and the SOG were 40-19. The final score sheet can be found here.


Some quick thoughts:

- Jaroslav Janus had a really rough start but seems to have found his groove. He stopped 39 of 40 shots tonight and sounded really solid.

- Mitch Fadden now has a 6 game assist streak.

- The loss means the Stingrays are now in last place in the conference.

The Everblades will take on the Stingrays in a final game tomorrow at 4:00. They then will travel back to town for a short break before heading back on the road for a three game series with Greenville.

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