Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: O Captain! My Captain!

Oh yeah, you read that right, taking a break from kitty pictures for one post so I can make a classy literary reference. Don't get used to it.

Currently, only one ECHL team can boast that their captain is in the top ten over at Hockey Fights. I guess we now know why the other guys voted for him to be captain. They were afraid of what would happen if they didn't.

I do realize that he was probably elected for being a great guy in the locker room and a real leader on the ice, but I'm skipping the kitties, so I need a little fun somewhere.

Seriously, Egener's hardcore:

Plus, his stats look like he's on track to get close to his PIM record:

It's been great to see him step up and take over for Trevor Hendrikx while he's been injured. With everyone predicting Hendrikx being out another two months, Egener definitely has a long road ahead of him.

Anyone up for O Captain! My Captain! t-shirts?

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