Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Goodbye Mitch McColm

I'm absolutely devastated. I heard through the grapevine that defenceman Mitch McColm has been released. Frankly, this is the stupidest move the team has made all season. I'm not exactly surprised, McColm hasn't had a lot of ice time, but I'm still very surprised they did this.

My best guess is either someone is the rumored signing of Nick Tarnasky is coming or someone is coming of the IR list. Our current roster is at the league allowed maximum, and to bring a guy back from the IR we have to make room on the roster. My best guess is Ross Carlson is ready to come back, and if that's the case I'm happy, but I'm not happy we're losing one of my favorite Everblade players.

Look at him in action during his junior days. Why are we letting him go?

There really is only one way to describe my feelings, and that is with a kitty...

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