Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Links

Happy Friday everyone! Here's your weekly dose of fantasic links to keep you busy until the Everblades game tonight.

- I wasn't able to see Wednesday's game (because a certain local restaurant that advertises that they show Everblades games doesn't, in fact, play Everblades games). You can read a re-cap here.

- One of our local boys scored his first professional goal. Congrats!

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Ice Hockey Broadcasting"

- I love this post from Third String Goalie about this jersey from 1915.

-Thank god another ECHL team has decided to top the hideousness of the Everblades holiday jerseys.

- OK, I have to admit, this hockey puck clock is kind of neat.

- Random speculation and complaints about the ECHL is par for the course, but this conversation was interesting to me at least.

- There are a lot of former Everblades doing really well this year according to this list.

- Down Goes Brown is hilarious (as usual).

- What's Friday without a kitty?

funny pictures - I fought the ball and the ball won.
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