Friday, February 18, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Gladiators (2/18/11)

With the end of the season approaching and the playoff looming on the horizon, every win is becoming more and more important. The Blades must stay afloat in what has to be the most competitive division in the league if they hope to even get a chance at a playoff run. Games against teams in the division become games that must not be lost. Add to the mix a team the Blades have a long standing rivalry with and it was obvious we were going to have a great game.

Did I mention it's Pink in the Rink?

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(I think the Jerseys came out very nice)


The Blades were very much in control for the early part of the first period. They were quickly rewarded with a goal at the 1:07 mark from Elgin Reid to give the Blades the 1-0 lead. The Blades were able to maintain the pressure for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the Gladiators woke up from whatever funk they had been and started to respond with pressure of their own. They managed to outwork the Everblades and were able to tie it up at the 9:33 mark. Neither team was able to get the lead and they left the ice tied up 1-1.


The Blades didn't start off on the best foot in the second when they gave up a goal 53 seconds in to give the Gladiators the lead. That seemed to wake the Blades up, and they started in on the Gladiators once again. Alex Imbeault tied it 2-2 with a lovely goal at the 7:37 mark. Four minutes later, Matt Beca was able to take advantage of a five on three with a very Steve Stamkos-esque one timer (Seriously, I wish I had it on film, what a stunning goal). That gave the Blades the 3-2 lead.

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Jared Staal made it 4-2 seven minutes later on a beautiful breakaway (I also wish I got that one on video). The last minute or so of the period was uneventful and the period ended with the Blades up 4-2 on the Gladiators.


The Glads tried their hardest to come back, but goalie Jaroslav Janus gave his best impression of a brick wall and denied every shot that came his way. Tony Mosey tallied his second goal as an Everblade at the 5:38 mark to add to the Everblades cushion. The Gladiators kept the pressure up, but they just couldn't figure Janus out. The final score was 5-2 and the Blades led the shots on goal 35-29. The game sheet is here.

Three stars: 3. Imbeault, 2. Lemieux, 1. Beca


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( I loved the Gladiators goalies mask. The Mask on his mask!)

Some thoughts:
- I'm really liking the newest Blade, J.F. David. 1 assist, a +3, and 3 shots? Awesome.
- If you don't think Bobby Raymond is one of the best players on the team you suck.
- Gwinnett was as undisciplined as they always are. They should not have given up 7 power play chances.
- Thank god the Blades were able to convert on the power play finally. Though 1 for 7 is not exactly stellar.
- Matt Beca is starting to impress me. 1 goal and 2 assists as well as a near goal quite similar to his power play tally.
- Love the Pink in the Rink Jerseys. Might have to work a little magic with my budget and bid on one tomorrow.

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