Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News and Notes

I promised a re-cap of the Blades news from the last two weeks and here it is.

- The Blades signed  forward David Rutherford (you can find him on twitter here). This video  of him in action is pretty spectacular.

Anyone want to wager on when he gets poached by an AHL team? I give it two months into the season.

- Maybe it's just my hatred of change, but yay! Tyler Helfrich is back!


- Other good news: Mike McKenzie and Matt Beca have re-signed with the Checkers. I find it hard to believe that McKenzie will be back, but I'm pretty pumped at the prospect of seeing Matt Beca in action again.

- Possibly not good news (depends on how you feel I guess): Trevor Hendrikx and Brad Good are headed to the CHL. Brad Snetsinger is headed to play in Europe with an Italian team.

- The team announced Kevin Reiter's replacement. We get... the Nailers broadcaster? OK... I guess it's at least a weather upgrade for him. I can't make any judgments on his style as I rarely had to listen to the other teams broadcaster. So, uh, yay!

- The team announced the preseason games this season will be against one of the two new... or maybe three, do the Titans formerly known as the devils count? Either way, we play the Chicago Express. I love that we get an early introduction to one of the newest teams in the league.

- Last, but not least, all the Everblades related blog stuff is updated. The roster, calendar, map, affiliations and league chart are all current. Remember, the calendar has the games and players birthdays and will have the special promotions when those dates are announced.

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