Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where are all the Signings?

Last night, a friend and fellow fan happened to mention the Blades haven't been announcing signings. I have to admit, I've been mildly irritated by this. The last singing announcement was the return of Ryan McGinnis on the 17th. Since then, we've been told about a preseason game and a trade of player rights. That's it.

Did I mention there is about a month and a half left till hockey season starts?

How about the fact that we only have five forwards and a defenseman under contract?

Of course, this lack of any information or updates is what I've come to expect from a team in which the front office can't be bothered to do anything beyond the bare minimum in any situation.

Maybe I'm being sensitive. Maybe I'm overreacting. I just don't know.

In order to support my opinion that the Blades front office is particularly cruddy I randomly checked rosters around the league. I learned two things:
  • Our roster is about the same size as all the teams I checked.
  • There are some truly horrible team websites out there. Like eye burningly bad (I'm looking at you Royals. There is such a thing as too much purple).
 So, it turns out I am overly sensitive and I am overreacting. Irt looks like all the ECHL teams are basically in the same position.

To be fair, this off season has been very long and Bobby Raymond signed a two way contract with the Binghamton Senators which means he may be sent down to the Elmira Jackals.

I think I know a solution though.

humorous pictures
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Yup, silly kitty pictures make everything better.

Yeah... that's it. My recycle bin isn't going to be full of empty bottles tomorrow or anything. Not at all.

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