Tuesday, August 23, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Today's video comes with a little history lesson (that is vaguely related to the Everblades, hang in there).

First, the video of an epic brawl from the the early years of the ECHL:

Oh, did I forget to mention the goalie fight? Silly me.

Anyway, you just saw a showdown between the Hampton Roads Admirals and Greensboro Monarchs. Teams eventually left the ECHL to become AHL franchises. The Monarchs became the Carolina Monarchs and played for a single season in 1995-96. They were forced to fold when the Hartford Whalers NHL franchise moved to the area and became the Carolina Hurricanes. The Hampton Roads Admirals left the ECHL for the AHL in 2000, and became the Norfolk Admirals.

Do you see the (tenuous) connection to both teams? I really do have a knack for pointing out the Blades connection in everything, huh?

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