Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Royals (3/14/12)

After watching the Everblades struggle all season, it feels like things may just be changing. After scoring eight goals in Trenton on Sunday the Blades rode in to Reading to face a team just a few points back in the standings. Add in a goalie,  Toronto prospect Mark Owuya, with a 10-3-3 record, and the situation looked a bit scary.

Luckily, the Blades were up to the task.

The first period was a bit of a wash. Perpetual bane of my existence, Yannick Tifu, scored two goals in the space of about a minute and a half. Matt Beca narrowed the Royals lead to 1 goal around the 12 minute mark (assists to McNicoll and Roy). When the period ended, the score remained 2-1.

I'm going to assume that either Beca's goal lit a fire or Coach Poss used his angry voice between periods. Either way, the Blades decided to explode in the second. In the span of about three minutes, they scored three goals. Matt Marquardt opened up the scoring frenzy with an unassisted goal. Brayden Irwin notched one on the power play (assists to Roy and Ratchuck). Scott Pitt added one of his own shortly after that (assists to MacLean and Donald) to make it 4-2. The Royals managed to notch one of their own to make it 4-3. Unfortunately for them, Mathieu Roy scored a short handed goal with about three seconds left in the period to make it 5-3.

Crushing opposing player's spirits is just what he does
One had to wonder if the Royals would come out with all cylinders pumping for the third.

Well, they kind of did. Unfortunately for them, the Blades notched two quick goals in a little over 30 seconds to take the 7-3 lead. Bruess tallied the first of the two by going top shelf (assist to Beca). Mike Ratchuck decided that since everyone else was scoring, he wanted to as well and notched the second (assist to Marquardt). At that point, the Royals finally took mercy on Owuya and pulled him. Delightfully, he decided to try and fight the Everblades bench as he left the ice.

Perhaps he should change his name to Boohooya

At this point, the Blades could have sat back and just let the score stay 7-3. Unfortunately for the Royals, there no fun in that. Bobby Raymond made it 8-3 at the 10:41 mark of the period (assists to Marquardt and Roy). The period ended with the Blades handing another eight goal defeat to them in front of their home crowd. It felt good.

The game sheet is here.

The three stars:
2. Marquardt
1. Roy

Some thoughts:
- The Blades are 5-1 so far this month. Me gusta.
- Good lord, the Blades love scoring a lot of goals on goalies with good records.
- The Blades are only three points behind South Carolina right now. They're four points ahead of Cincinnati.
- Roy's short handed goal was all because of his hard work. He blocks a shot then takes it down on a rush.
- So, Matt Marquardt? Yeah, the dude quietly gets stuff done. His goal, a slap shot from the top of the circle was awesome (he's on Twitter by the way).
- The newest Blade, Brandon MacLean is pure hustle. I like him.
- The Royals spent the entire game targeting David Rutherford. Too bad for them he plays harder and meaner in those situations.
- He also scores major points with me for fighting Tifu

The Blades have a day off today. They then play Elmira Friday and Saturday and return to Reading on Sunday. After that, they'll be home for two weeks.

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