Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YouTube Tuesday

The Everblades 12 day road trip was pretty successful. They won five out of seven games and the games the ones they lost were only one goal games. On top of that, two games in a row saw the Blades score an impressive eight goals. It seems like all the early struggles this season have been shaken off.

Right now, the Blades sit just two points behind the South Carolina Stingrays in the standings and six points ahead of the Cyclones. Oddly enough, the Rays roll in to town for three games with the Blades. Honestly, can you believe the coincidence?

While I feel like I've been saying every single game is a must win, these next few games really are. The Blades have to win every single game with the Rays to take sixth in the conference. They can barely afford to give them more than a point.

It's pretty easy to assume that the next three home games are going to be intense. Luckily, the Blades proved they could bring intensity and go toe to toe with the toughest the North East had for them.

That was a slightly cruddy segue, my apologies. 

First, Trevor Bruess being Trevor Bruess

Next, everyone's favorite Everblades vs. everyone's least favorite former Everblade!

I can't blame this Royals player for not wanting to face the true wrath of Ryan Donald's fist.

What's the best thing to do after you come back from a two game suspension for boarding? If you're Sebastien Piche you humiliate one of the most irritating players in the Atlantic division.

Finally, some bonus video from the Blades last home series. Brayden Irwin starts quite a rucus and the K-Wings goalie gives an Oscar worthy performance.

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