Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hockey Fan Rules (Obey or Else)

With the preseason starting this Friday I think it's really important to make these rules clear. This is just some stuff that I and many other hockey fans find very annoying, and I've decided to at least make my list known. These aren't written in stone, and nothing serious will happen if you break them, but your section-mates will hate you if you do.

Hockey Fan Rules
1. Don't yell "Drop the puck!", it makes you look stupid. The ref is waiting for a reason, learn to be a little patient.

2. Wait until the whistle blows to get up. They will not run out of beer, or hot dogs. When you stand up your blocking the people behind you, your also opening yourself up to get hit in the head by a puck.

3. Please don't let your little heathens run amok. There is no need for them to run up and down the aisle, or kick the seat of the person in front of you. It's open season on any child not being watched, hip checks on screeching brats is definitely allowed (actually it's encouraged).

4. If you don't know the rules that's fine, true hockey fans love to explain the game to newbies. We don't like to hear you discuss what you think is going on with your even more clueless friend, this is not football the rules are different.

5. Please don't yell "Punch him!" any time to opposing players jostle each other. There is actually more to hockey than fighting, you'll live.

I'm sure this is in no way complete, and if anyone reading this has any more to add I'd love to hear from you. Either E-mail, or add your rule to the comments section. Good ones will be added to this list (with credit of course). I also think it's a good idea to give you a list of the chants you might hear in the arena, but not understand. I will also take suggestions on these as well, mostly because I can't think of more than two.

Blades Chants
1. When we score immediately after the "Hey!" song you have to let the opposing goalie know what you think. So- "Hey (goalies name), It's all your fault! It's all your fault!...". This starts in the neighboring section to my favorite section. I'm pretty sure if the entire arena gets behind this one it could be great.

2. When anyone near you shouts "Hey ref!" your immediate response should be "You suck!". They deserve this if they have been even worse than the ECHL ref's usually are. It's also funny to hear someones grandma yell this.

Stuff was definitely missed, but it's been a bit of a long off season. I won't know if you guys don't drop me a line or leave a comment. The best part of writing a blog is getting reader involvement, and I haven't seen any. But, I did see that we hit five page loads yesterday, almost a record!
(Just a little update, apparently the commenting was broken. It's now fixed, sorry I pestered you guys)

3. Do not, and I repeat do not, allow your little heathen to run up and down the aisle or kick the back of the seat in front of them. Not everyone enjoys children, and no one but you enjoys badly behaved children

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  1. Can't think of much else besides having respect during the national anthem. All comments and conversations can wait until the song is over, I don't care how bad the singer is! I'm sure I might think of more once the games begin again. Love the pic of the guy with the puck on his forehead! I wonder if I can get away with doing that at work for Halloween??


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