Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just before we get to the nitty gritty roster stuff, I feel the need to share this awesome video with you guys. You may have already seen it, but when Biscut dropped this off on my homepage with the suggestion that the Blades need a player like this, I kind of agreed.

The amazing part is this kid is only nine, and plays on a team with twelve year-olds! I don't know about you but at some point this year I want to see one of the guys at least attempt this shot.

Also, this beauty from last night almost gave me a heart attack. I'm showing you this for a variety of reasons...
1. The Canes are the Blades affiliate
2. Cam Ward is one of my favorite non-penguins players
3. It's just pretty

Are you watching Morrison?

Now on to the good stuff, the blades have received to players from the AHL. Goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu, was sent down from Rochester. His stats are here. And forward Brandon Buck was sent from the Aeros. His stats are here. This means that two players had to be let go to make room, they released Jason Reese, Lee Jubinville, and John Wessbecker.

They also announced the finalized roster, there are 11 forwards, 7 defensemen, and two goalies. There are some players on the injured reserve list as well. Breault is on the 3-day, Lang on the 7-day (noooooo!), and both Paquet and Aiello are on the 21-day list. For a little more of why they're on the injured list, and just a lot more info than I have, I recommend checking out the Blades Blog over at the Naples Daily News. Woody has way more access to the inside stuff than I do, he's actually a real sports writer after all.

I'm absolutelty dieing to see what happened on Saturday with Dan Sullivan, the meathead from Gwinnett. Whatever happened not only got him suspended for pushing a linesman, but also dropped from the Gwinnett roster. If anyone spots a video, please send it. All I can find is the video from the night before.

Finally, the Blades will be playing the first game of the year against Toledo tomorrow night. You can catch the radio broadcast online, or on the AM dial. You can also watch the game online if your willing to pay the B2 people.

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