Monday, October 26, 2009


Since I’m late as usual with this post, there really is not too much to go over. My memory of the Friday game is already a bit fuzzy, and I could not get to the Saturday game. But don’t worry! I do have some things I think are worth mentioning, and some random thoughts.

-We won on Friday 5-3, and lost on Saturday 4-2. The next game is this Wednesday, the Stingrays(The Kelly Cup champions).

-They handed out rally towels...

-Lang did not play, I’m pretty sure he was playing assistant coach like he did last year.

-The Blades defense was blocking a ton of shots in the first two periods, for some reason they seemed to stop in the third. The question is has Coach Cameron encouraged this as a new strategy, or is this a sign that the players don’t have confidence in Morrison? (Bring back Khudobin…please?).

- Reid was a total beast Saturday; he was in on nearly every goal scored. Overall, the new players are looking pretty good.

-The Checkers were the same team I remembered from last year. A ton of cheap stuff and a lot of after the whistle crap. Good to know some things don’t change.

-And along those lines, with all the controversy surrounding officiating throughout the sporting world right now, it would be nice if the ECHL would do something about the inconsistent officiating in the league. Perhaps it is bias on my part, but the officiating was unpredictable. It would be nice to know that hooking and cross-checking always get a whistle, not just whenever the mood strikes the ref.

-Perhaps something else I’m off base on…In the first when the Checkers player was down on the ice was that the best time to introduce the Everbabes? The guy was being attended to by the Checkers trainer.I don’t care what team he plays for, that was tasteless.

I will be at the game Wednesday, and I'll be tweeting live. You can follow me at, or check the box on the side of the blog to see whats going on. Since all drafts on Wednesday will be $2.00 my tweets may start to get a bit weird by the third (sorry). Also, the blog may hit 100 page views this month! Nice to know people are actually reading.

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