Tuesday, November 3, 2009


That is the Blades win loss record, not pretty to say the least. That also makes the Blades the worst in the south division. It also makes them the fourth worst in the American conference (league stats here). I guess I should be happy that they're not playing like the Chiefs (who haven't won a single game), or the Salmon Kings (who have only won one game). But, this is not how you win championships. I'm sure some people will argue the whole "so and so is injured", but it shouldn't matter. Since it's just the beginning of the year I'm not going to panic, there is plenty of time for the Blades to catch up.

And the road trip they're starting tonight just might be the right time to do that. They play the Checkers tonight and tomorrow night, and then they play the Gladiators Friday night. Three road games in a row is really tough but once they get that over they have two weeks at home. And I can at least show up for those, they haven't lost a game that I've attended (the team should totally pay for my tickets)!

I won't be able to listen to the game tonight (stupid school), or on Thursday(stupid spinning class). But, you can listen on your radio to 1200/1460, or check it out online. And, if I happen to get someones opinion of the game sent to the blogs e-mail I may post it (with credit to the writer). It would be nice to find someone to write up the weekend games...

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