Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That's a Stompin'


The Blades dominated the Walleye to put it nicely. The Walleye players were really sloppy, and were just handing the puck to the Blades players left and right. I'm not sure if it was the Walleye players making the Blades look good, but the guys did seem to be playing better. There was a lot of shot blocking in front of the net. There was also way too many rebounds, Morrison does not seem to realize he has a glove on his hand. Luckily the Walleye could not get things together; they actually went an incredible 0 for 9 on the power play, including an extended 3 on 5. The Blades were 2 for 9 on the power play, including their own 3 on 5.

The score sheet...

1. (1st period) Hennigar; assists by Hotham and Roy

2. (1st) Hartlieb; assist by Reid and Mcflikier

3. (2nd) Hennigar; assists by Hartlieb and Reid

4. (2nd) Reid; assists by Lang and Zanon

5. (3rd) Breault; assists by Mcflikier and Hartlieb

6. (3rd) Mcflikier; assists by Hotham and Reid

Mcflikier is now 8th in the league in goals, 6th in points, and 1st in the league in +/-. I'm really happy he resigned for this season, and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too. There were two fights but of course I couldn't get my camera out fast enough, so no videos. Hopefully the Blades can keep this up on Friday and Saturday. If they win one more game they move up to second in the South division, two games puts them within striking distance of the Stingrays, who are in first place. Friday can't get here fast enough!

Also some bits and pieces...

-Kinley was sent to the Wheeling Nailers.

-The team officially announced Brust was sent to the team from the Aeros.

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