Saturday, November 14, 2009


That's actually not the Blades record, although I wish it was, it's actually my record. That's right loyal readers (all four of you), the Blades have not lost a game that I've been at! I really think I should be spoiled in some way for being a good luck charm, free tickets are always nice.

Anyway, as you can see the Blades wore aspecial jersey in honor of Veterans day. We also had Barry Brust, our new goalie in net last night. And to be compeletley honest I'm madly in hockey love with the new goalie. He was awesome all night, but the game did have to go to the shootout. But, the Blades triumphed in the shootout (with the freshly signed forward Spylo notching one).

Your scorecard...
- Lang; assists to Flick
-Thelen, assists to Flick and Hennigar
-Hennigar, assists to Hotham and Flick
(In the shootout Flick and Spylo got it past the Walleye goalie, Hartlieb and Hennigar did not)

I'm sure you noticed something, Flick is on fire! He was involved in every goal and his shootout goal was a beaut. It's really great that we have someone other than Baker that can be relied on to score goals and be in on assists. Hennigar also has an amazing 6 game point streak, and is also turning out to be a dependable guy.

I took a few videos last night and if I get the chance at work I will get them posted. I've got Swampee repelling from the catwalk, McJannet fighting a Walleye player, the marines being sworn in, and Brust doing the funniest goalie routine I've seen.

I won't be at the game tonight, having to actually earn money at work sucks all, but I will try to listen to the game.

An Update! We now have a YouTube channel where all the videos we take will be posted you can check it out here

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