Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gloating, Sweeps, New Dude, And Other Randomness

I'm just going to get the gloating out of the way now. The video I took and uploaded to YouTube last Friday was used by hockeyfights.com! You can check it out over there or watch the video on the blogs new YouTube channel. I'm really aiming to get as many videos as possible from the games. If you have any videos, past or present, and you don't want to bother signing up for a YouTube account you can send the video to us and we will put it on our channel (with credit to you of course).

I'm sure you've heard about the sweep by now, the Blades sent the Walleye home without a win. A three game streak is just what we needed, and with the Reading Royals coming to town this week for three more, another three wins would be great. I think it's safe to say the team is finally getting into the groove, a little more time and I think we may see them playing like they did last year.

Now, on to some roster stuff.

-Ahren Spylo that guy that just got signed? Yeah about him... he signed with a German team and has left the Blades. Glad I didn't have time to get attached.

-The Blades just got forward Matt Caria from the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies in exchange for Jadran Beljo. You can find Caria's stats here, and some videos of him below.

and highlights from his time in the OHL...

And some random things to keep all 4 of our readers happy...

- Bill Hunt, a writer for the Daily Gleaner in New Brunswick, thinks the Blades should play the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds. I think they should, mostly because I'm always supportive of any extra hockey games. You can read the full story here.

-The Wikipedia Hockey page on Loafing, something I noticed the Walleye doing. Also, Gordie Howe Hat Trick just for fun.

-And, because you can't have too many pictures of Brusty (I'm in hockey love by the way), I give you a picture I like to call "eye of the storm."

I'll be at the games Wednesday and Friday bringing the Blades luck, and maybe getting some autographs. As always you can follow the blog on Twitter, for up to the minute news and scores.


  1. Brusty does in fact inspire the hockey love. Trying very hard not to be jealous. More video of him would help me be less jealous. Just sayin'. :)

  2. Ah, must keep up with your blog etc, since Better Half and I will be attending a Game in Jan. Everblades vs. Gwinnett...looking forward to the game.

  3. @Ms Conduct- I was planning on taking tons of videos of Brusty anyway, I guess I'll share them instead of keeping them to myself.

    @artandhockey- Thank you, I guess I can claim 5 regular readers now!


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