Monday, November 23, 2009


I just wanted to get a quick post in before heading over to the East coast to see the Penguins/Panthers game. I did go to the game on Friday, which the Blades lost 5-2. I got some videos (which will be up on the YouTube channel tomorrow hopefully), and took some pictures. The team was looking pretty good in the second, and Caria scored a goal in the third, but at the 18 minute mark the Royals scored and then less than a minute later they scored again.

Luckily, they woke up Saturday and ended up beating the Royals 4-0. McJannet, Henigar, Thelen and Hotham all got goals. And Beckford-Tseu was named the star of the night for the shut-out. The Blades will now be on a two week road-trip. They will face the Nailers on Wednesday, the Walleye Friday, back-to-back games this Saturday and Sunday against the Wings, and next Thursday and Friday against the Checkers. Hopefully the boys remember whatever it is they felt on Saturday and earn some points!

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  1. I enjoy your blog, will make us feel welcome when we get to the Game in January. Seems quite a few teams have problems...but it is early in the season yet and they may rally and do well.
    I blog about Houston Aeros, but also opera, los toros (a controversial subject-I know- but its like you and hockey-love it or leave) and other things, in German(to appease my relatives in Europe ;-) and English.
    Come visit


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