Monday, November 30, 2009

This Calls For A Round-Up!

I feel bad for letting so much time pass since the last post, but since the blog only has four regular readers I guess I haven't dissapointed too many perople. The Blades are halfway through their road trip, and it has been quite successful! They defeated both the Walleye and the Nailers, and won a game and lost a game to the Wings. They even managed to get a point from the loss, by storming back in the third and forcing a tie. Unfortunately, they were unable to get anything in OT and had to go to a shootout, which they lost. The wins have pushed the Blades up in the ECHL standings, they are now 2nd in the South division, 3rd in the American Confrence, and 5th overall. I think some of the resons are obvious when you look at player standings...

- Flick is 1st in league in points, and Hennigar 9th.

-They are also 1st and 7th in assists as well.

- CBT is 8th and Rebound is10th in the league when it comes to GAA.

-They have scored on the Power Play in ten straight games.

-And Baker is back! He played his first game on Wednesday and has scored a goal in three straight games.

There are three more games this week, they play the Walleye Wednesday, and the Cyclones Friday and Saturday. Then the Blades are back in town next week (just in time for my birthday!). There has been some roster stuff...

- Aiello, Gajic, Roy, and Stanley are all on the IR list

- CBT has been called up to the Amerks, I don't think he'll be getting into something like this...

Some random bits for you...

- I found my new favorite page on the Blades website- The schedule and results all on one page!

- For the home games on the 9th, 11th, and 12th if you bring a canned food item for the Harry Chapin Food Bank, you get a free ticket to the Colege Classic.

- Also if you bring a box of Mac & Cheese on the 11th you can take part in Mac & Cheese night. You get to use it as a noise maker then donate it to the HCFB (this is the teams idea not mine).

- This Saturday is snow day! It's free, and they will be having Zamboni sleigh rides! Also there will be food and other stuff, but come on, Zamboni sleigh rides! I wonder if I can get off Saturday, I'm sure my boss will understand...

- A timely Wikipedia hockey page, Hat-trick! I love seeing the Rangers lose almost as much as the Flyers.

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  1. Hey, don't feel bad.. it takes a long time to collect fans and readers.. I should know and I blog about more than just hockey. And it was a holiday weekend !
    Anyway, keep them coming.
    It is fun to read about other teams, too, especially since yours has an AEROS in it ;-).


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