Thursday, November 19, 2009

What A Fiasco!

The game last night was horrible, I had a ponding headache by the time I left. The only upside were my seats for last night game were awesome As you can see in some of my pictures). I really have to thank you season ticket holding neighbor of my friend! Unfortunately, the Blades didn't play that awesome. They looked sloppy, and undisciplined. The second period had to be the worst, and I was really annoyed by the end of the game.

The Royals players were a bit dramatic with their falls, Steiner even received a penalty for diving (I honestly can't remember the last hockey game I saw that penalty assesed). But some of the stuff that went on last night was just dumb. The guys looked like they had no idea how to play together. It was very upsettng to watch them make dumb mistake after dumb mistake. The epitome of the stupidity happened in the second period, Hoffman, doing his job, got into a fight (and won). McJannet then decides to get into a fight 19 seconds later! Then, 26 seconds later Paquet got into a fight too! I'm sure this would have kept going on if the Royals coach hadn't yelled at his players to stop. I'm all for hockey being physical but this isn't Slap Shot, being a buch of goons isn't the way to win a game. That to me was the best example of what went wrong last night, everyone wanted to be the hero but no one wanted to actually work hard at it. Of course the penalty box was pretty full at this point, so of course Thelen decides to cross check a Royal  a few minutes later(I have more to say about Thelen later). The stupid crap continued into the third period, there was no glimmer of hope at all.

As you can see from the gamesheet, penalties were handed out left and right. There was also a goalie change to start the third with Beckford-Tseu taking over for Brusty. Woody from the NDN Blades' blog later reported that Brusty had experienced a minor injury. He has also reported that coach Cameron was pissed with the guys aftwer the game, and honestly I don't blame Cameron, I was pretty pissed too.

I  feel the need to call out two players after last night. I may be off base on this, but Thelen and Lang are starting to irritate me. I've noticed Thelen taking a lot of dumb penalties lately. He has been very undisciplined. That's dissapointing because I thought he was an important part of the team last year, and was happy to see him re-sign this year. Lang, on the other hand, has been playing without any heart. He has always been my favorite player, and if you look back in this blog you can see how long I waited for the announcement he was playing this year. I could be wrong, maybe last night has me looking for someone to blame, but those two have been catching my attention lately.

 Now that I feel better after getting all of that off of my chest, some odds and ends...

-The team passed out the first trading card set last night. The card included were Metcalf, Gajic, Mcflikier, J. Morrison, M. Morrison, Hennigar, Buck, Hotham, Reid, and Baker.

-Morrison has been called  up to the Albany River Rats as another Hurricanes goalie has been injured.

-Breault has decided to leave the team and go back to college

-If anyone can clue me in on what the little notebook Beckford-Tseu and Brusty were writing on I'd appreciate it. One of my friends at the game, who has played hockey his whole life, had no idea. There was a grid and x's, and some of the guys coming off the ice would tell CBT and Brusty something, which would then be written down.

-The blog is starting to average a pretty decent amount of visitiors which is a really good sign. It's nice to know people are actually interested in the Blades.

-And some awesome shots of our goalies, Brusty pics on the right CBT on the Left (I blame my goalie fixation on Tom Barrasso, by the way).

I did get all four of the fights from last night on video, althought two are pretty blurry and I'm debating if I should upload those two to YouTube. Either way I usually can't get video up until Saturday, but if it's sooner I'll you'll hear about it. And, I'm not sure yet on if I can make the Friday game, althought I'll try. I'm also heading over to the east coast to see the Pens take on the Panthers on Monday, you might have suffer through a post about that, sorry.


  1. Ahh, Brusty. Poor fella. If I catch him today, I'll ask what he was writing down. Thanks for the pics!

  2. The goalies usually keep track of face off wins and losses.

    Great site you started here! I have it bookmarked and check back often. I cover the Amerks on my site if you care about what happens up here.

  3. Ah, there, ya go. In Houston, all I've ever seen them do is open the gate.

  4. Thanks Keith! That makes so much sense. I absolutely love your site, and took the liberty of linking it from the front page of the blog. I also had to link to Ms. Conduct mostly because of the Wings video.

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