Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Round-up

Got a few loose ends to tie up before the game tonight.

-Mcflikier was named the ECHL player of the week! I'm thinking his hat trick/6 point night may have had something to do with that. He is also tied for best +/- in the league with a +9. I can't think of a player more deserving than him, he always seems to be giving everything he has when he plays, and I'm very happy he does that for us.

-Hartlieb is back in town, he played just one game for Rochester

-Baker is on the IR list till Saturday. Gajic is on the 21 day IR list. But Reid and Buck will be playing again

-Woody over at the NDN Blades Blog spotted a new player practicing. He seems to think it's a player by the name of Ahren Nittel (stats here). If he's correct (and the dude is pretty distinctive looking), this is a pretty interesting development. It took me some time to find a video of him playing, mostly because he likes to tape himself lifting weights (I'm not joking do a YouTube search), but I did find this one from 2006/2007.

I will be Tweeting live from the game tonight, so follow us on Twitter for live updates!

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