Friday, December 4, 2009

Almost There!

As I write this the Blades are playing their second to last away game in Cincinati. They have had a pretty good road trip losing one game in regulation, and one in OT. They have one more game in Cincinati on Saturday. There have been some roster moves lately...

-Flick (the ECHL player of the month!) has been called up to Albany.

-In return forward Matthew Pistilli was sent down (stats here), and a recent video...

-Aiello was traded to Stockton for future considerations (anyone know what this means?)

-Buck is back from Houston!

There are some promotions coming up, including the snow day this Saturday. Remeber to bring your canned food for the home games next week, you'll get a free ticket to see the College Classic (Cornell, Main, Princeton, and Colorado this year)! Friday is Mac & cheese night, and the Saturday after that is the Teddybear toss.

And finally, some random bits and pieces...

-Great article on my favorirte D-man Zanon, I'm really going to lobby for his nickname to be Big Red anyone disagree? No? Good... Zanon is now Big Red.

-I love that my new favorite Penguin got a hat trick a few hours after I posted the link to the Wikipedia page, I also love that the Rags lost twice. Lets see if this works... Goalies who have scored a goal in an NHL game.

-You won't be able to hear the game on the radio, but you can stream it from (Thanks to my Twitter buddy CVClyde for the fix).

- I'm sorry I haven't posted one of these in a while, I think this hideous thing makes up for it.

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