Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Randomness... And Zamboni's!

The Blades start their home stand tomorrow (remeber to bring canned goods tomorrow), and until then here's some random things to keep you entertained until then.

- Holy crap I love Tim Thomas!

- Really awesome Wikipedia hockey page "Puch-up in Piestany"

-This gallery of Zamboni's is pretty awesome, the one with the flames is awesome! Also, I'd love to have that Zamboni cake for my Birthday (hint, hint). Also, I want to drive the Zamboni tees make excellent Christmas gifts (hint #2)!

- Great article on the Blades radio-analyst Dave Clark over at NDN.

- Poor Tebow, he's stunned. Someone call me when he takes up hockey, then I'll care about him.

- Voting for the AHL all-star team is underway, and Amerks player Graham Mink has been named captain, and voting is underway for the rest of the team. Over at Let'sGo Amerks! they're encouraging everyone to vote. Make sure you get in and vote for the boys from our AHL affiliate!

I will be Tweeting live from Wednesdays game! And I'll get a blog post full of pictures up for you guys.


  1. There is no zamboni link! Guess there will be no cakes or tees for you after all....


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