Thursday, December 17, 2009

5-2! Blades Win!

 (I swear this has not been photoshopped)

The Blades finally won a game in regulation last night, beating the Wheeling Nailers 5-3 (I took a picture to prove they actually won in regulation).

It was a good game, and the Blades had it together for once. Goalie Cris Beckford-Tseu was awesome last night only allowing two goals on 32 shots, earning the second star of the night.

(Come back soon Becks!)

The Nailers did score the first goal. Cleve Kinley, who was traded earlier this year, got it past Becks during a power play.

The Blades were able to come back  and tie it up on a lovely goal by Ross Carlson, which I just happen to have video of (with slo-mo instant replay action)...

A.J. Thelen and Colin Nicholson also got tallies past the Nailers goaltender sending the Blades into the second intermission up 3-1. There was a new intermission activity that is more entertaining than watching the minnie mites play... Goalie Race! Three laps around the rink and no passing unless you take the dude in front of you out...

The Nailers were able to get their second goal of the night early into the third period to make it 3-2. The Blades didn't panic though, and Brandon Buck notched one on the power play to make it 4-2. An empty netter by Carlson made it 5-2.

(Buck doing his best Jordan impression)

                                                  (I love this picture, spot the puck!)

It was good to see the Blades play to their abilities, there was some mistakes and a bit of sloppy play, but all in all they were good. They looked a lot better than they did last Saturday, and the score proves it.

There was also a fight between Benn Olson and Ryan Schnell in the first period...

And some great pictures from last night...

                                                       (I'm liking the new guy, Guthrie)

(To quote what the old man in my section yelled "Cut your hair Lang")

(I have no idea why those guys did that)

(Roy is back by the way)

(I think this is Duffy)

(No matter how much trouble he causes I can't help but love McJannett)
(The Nailers had the Pens logo on their jerseys!)

I'm not sure If I'll be going to tomorrows game, but there should at least be some more videos from last nights game uploaded to the youTube channel some time today or tomorrow, including McJannet being robbed by the Nailers goalie.


  1. Still having issues with the other videos! I can't even play them now. :(

  2. AJ Thelen was called up to the Amerks.

    What do ya think of him? We are just hoping he plays defense and isn't too offensive.

  3. I like Thelen, he's been more of an offensive defenseman this season than he was last season. There's a recent quote from him (I think from the Blades Blog) where he mentioned coach Cameron has given him more flexibility to be more offensive. I'm pretty sure if he's told to stay home he will, he's not the type to fight the system and this is a big chance for him.

  4. Glad to read that 'Bucky' Branbdon Buck got a goal witht he Everblades.
    I liked the spunk of that boy when he was skating with the Aeros for a few games.
    Yes, it seems so, 'Brusty' on way back to you.

  5. I really like Bucky too, he always seems to be giving 120% when he's out there. I was able to put up a video of his goal from last Wednesday in the new post.

    Also, it's being reported that the team only expects Brust to be in town for two days, obviously to help complete the Wheeling series. What happens after that I'm not sure.


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