Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bye Bye Brusty

Did you hear the collective sobbing of the Brusty Fan Club yesterday? Because Aeros goalie Anton Khudobin (I still miss him) was called up to the Wild, Brusty has been called up to fill the empty spot. To fill our empty spot Nate Zervos will more than likely be getting a call, unless Beckford-Tseu is coming back from the Amerks of course.

The Blades also made a trade with the Grizzlies for forward Shea Guthrie (stats here), in exchange for rights to Simon Ferguson. This is a good deal in my opinion as Ferguson has yet to play a game with the Blades since signing.

Now on to some fun stuff...

- Someone out there thinks this blog is full of drivel (check the comments section), I believe people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

- You may have seen this, but here is the video I took of the penalty shot from last Saturday's game. You can see all the other videos on our YouTube channel.

(come back soon Brusty, or send Khudobin)

- Wikipedia hockey page "Torpedo System" I am so ready for the Olympics!

- Here is an amazing story about a Ref in Sweden saving a player's life by preforming CPR on him.

I will be tweeting live from tomorrows game, as usual. I'm crossing my fingers for this series against Wheeling (I'm also trying very hard to ignor the fact that they are the Pens affiliate).


  1. I can't imagine what about your blog he objects to. Personally, I've read both for a few weeks here and I'll take yours every day of the week. And not just because you like Brusty. :)

  2. Beckford-Tseu packed his bags last night to fly down and play tonight and then leave to come back to the Amerks.

  3. Just read those "other comments" and all I can say is don't let anyone else get ya down. I started out a few years ago similar to your site here and have grown. Your all in it together for the love of your fav hockey team, why throw stones?

  4. Exactly Keith. I can't begin to imagine going out and publicly trashing another Aeros blog. Privately is another matter, but even then it would have to be really bad.

    Jealous of competition is all I can figure.

  5. You are both right, of course. I've seen the Blog readership grow so much since starting it a few months ago. I'm averaging more per day than I got per week in the beginning.

    It's just that, the guy just makes a habit of trashing every other Blades blogger/writer out there. It's frustrating when I'm doing this on my own time and money and I'm not claiming to be a professional.

    Whatever, it just makes me want to post more, put up more videos, and take more pictures. It also makes me want to support everyone else involved in writing about the Blades even more. I'm tempted to post two positive things for every negative thing he writes to drown him out.

    Again, you guys rock! Thanks for telling me what I need to hear, it's good to have blog buddies with more experience and sense.


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