Friday, December 11, 2009


A quick Round-up from Wednesday's game: The Blades won in OT, and it was quite exciting. The first period was very physical, but the Blades were sloppy and Brusty let in three goals. Cameron put Morrison in goal for the second period, and the rest of the guys seemed to wake up. The Checkers were held off and the Blades managed to come back and force overtime. Duffy, Buck, Reed, and Lang all scored, with Lang scoring the overtime winner. Some pictures I took (including Big Red's awesome stache/beard combo and the poster they gave away)...

There has also been a ton of roster moves in the last two days...

- Ernie, Hoffman, Reed and Pistilli have been called up to the AHL

- All the call-ups have left the roster very depleted, to fill in some holes the Blades have signed veteran Paul Healey (stats here and video below, I won't hold being an ex-Flyer against him if he's good), as well as a short term contract for ex-Blade Bill Kinkel (stats here, remember him?).

I hope everyone is ready for Mac & Cheese night! I will be Tweeting live from the game as usual. I will be going to Saturday's game as well; I have my teddy bear do you?

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  1. Is that Brandon BUCK?
    If so, good for 'BUCKY', we liked him here too, and did hope for a recall soon.
    Too bad about Brusty .. but without good defense the best goalie can't hold them all off, eh?


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