Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Linkage

Here are some links to get you through the last bit of the week, and to close the  year on a good note...

- Ever wonder why some NHL teams are named what they are? This great article has explanations for all 30 NHL teams.

- I would love to have my very own Zamboni bed.

- I've become so obsessed with after finding these, now I need to find a baby to borrow for a little while.

- So many ides for hockey themed cakes, I don't know which I want first! I'm a little partial to the Stanley cup cake.

-Your Wikipedia hockey page "Towel Power" (also known as the Canuks poor attempt at copying the Steelers)

- I'm glad the Blades haven't tried to foist this on us as intermission entertainment...

The Blades will be playing the Stingrays tonight, a hockey game sounds like an awesome way to celebrate New Years to me! I'll try to listen and tweet whats going on so check in.

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  1. Congrats to "BUCKY" Brandon B. for being selected to ECHL All Stars


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