Saturday, January 2, 2010


The Blades play the Gladiators tonight, until then I have some random bits and pieces to get through, including some pictures from the College Classic.

First, last month was the best month so far for the Blog! 358 page loads is not that much for a really popular blog, but it's good enough for me . Digging through all the info the tracking site has I can see that we have readers from all over, not just Florida. It's kind of fun to see where everyone is reading from (including work). The only annoying thing is AOL's habit of assigning a new IP address every five seconds, it really screws the stats up.

Some pictures I took at the College Classic, these are from the Colorado College/Cornell game on 12/29/09.

(Sorry for the dark picture, Cornell lines up in numerical order!)

And, one of the videos I took from the game...

I think the Cornell guys were pretty classy, although this could just be a college hockey/Cornell tradition. The College Classic makes me want to see more College hockey, too bad I can't get that on Center Ice.

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