Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blades Top Royals (2-1)

In the first time in a long time the Blades had a good game from the minute the game started until the end. They were able to dominate the Royals for most of the game. The goalies were the difference for both teams. Matt Dalton (and his posts) were able to keep the Royals in the game, he only allowed one goal in regulation. Barry Brust was able to blank the Royals until the final 1:15, when a crushing onslaught from the Royals finally produced,  forcing OT. It was awesome that Brusty first game back with the Blades went so well for him. Throughout the game and into the eventual shoot-out Brusty was a total brick wall!

(anyone want to spring for a copy of photoshop?)

The shoot-out ended up going to seven shooters, everyone but Kevin Baker was held off. The shoot-out order can be found here on the gamesheet.

One of the other high points of the night was the defense, they were stellar. It was great to see the Blades dictate play. The two days off really seemed to help the guys, and hopefully the one day off before traveling to Trenton to take on the Devils will also help them.


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  2. Thanks guys, I think I'm going to put MS Paint extraordinare on my resume now.

    Also, in case the goober commenter from above comes back, or others come to troll. My blog my rules.

  3. Check out GIMP2 for a free Photoshop replacement. It's what I use and it's really pretty good. I still prefer Paint Shop Pro since that's what I'm used to for work, but once I figured out the equivalent tools, it's suited me pretty well. I think the photo editor is better, too, for fixing contrast issues and such. Amazing that it's free.

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  6. Thanks for the tip about GIMP, if I have enogh room on my laptop I'm totaly getting it.

    To everyone else comment moderation is now turned on as no one is capable of being mature. There is no reason to comment on any players ethnicity. During WWII an entire country tried to eliminate my fathers side of the family because of their race/religion. And my mother side of the family faced horrible descimination when they immigrated here to find a better life because of their race/religion. I will not toleate intolerance ever.


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