Saturday, January 16, 2010

Double Devils Defeat (4-3 & 3-1)

(I really have a terrible sense of humor, I'm sorry)

The Blades managed to follow up their shoot-out victory in Reading with back-to-back wins in Trenton, extending their winning streak to three games. Fridays game (gamesheet here), had some exciting moments culminating in a shoot-out that saw both Carlson and Baker slip one past the Devils Goalie. Brust did his best "Great Wall of Brusty" to clinch the Blades, and himself, a second straight shoot-out victory. The goals in regulation were provided by Hartlieb, Duffy, and Baker.

Saturdays game (gamesheet here) saw Brusts third start in a row, and the first win in regulation for their last four wins. Trenton was able to draw blood first, but the Blades responded mere seconds later, with Bayrack getting his first goal as an Everblade. From then on it was the Blades game, with Jordan Morrison scoring a Power Play goal, and Roy  making an empty netter to slam the door on any hope the Devils had. They also made sure the Devils weren't able to use this very much...

(I'm not sure why but I really really hate the Bro Hymn)

The Blades managed to come out on top in six of their eleven games and have now pulled into second in the division. They will now come home, and after a short break for the all-star game, will be hosting the Gladiators this Friday.

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