Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seeing Stars

The idea behind this post began when Shea Guthrie came to town. The first time I saw his picture I got the odd feeling he looked like someone famous. After a few people pointed out who he looked like, it occured to me that some of the other guys also looked like celebrities. With some help, as well as my new favorite Internet waste of time, the celebrity look-alike generator, I think I found celebrity doubles for the guys.Admittedly some are a stretch and none are 100% matches it was still fun. I think you guys will like it too...

Shea Guthrie- Robert Pattison's double?

Kevin Baker- Ryan Reynolds (thanks Caity)

Jordan Morrison-  a blond Jude Law?

Brad Zanon- Curt Cobain?

Benn Olson- Ben Affleck?

Steve McJannet- Sid Viscious or Jim Carrey?

Scott Hotham- Darren Hayes or Vince Vaughn?

Elgin Reid (this was a hard guy to match)- Barry Pepper?

Ernie Hartlieb (I think this was one of the best matches)- Benjamin McKenzie?

Colin Nicholson- James Van Der Beek?

Mike Morrison (another hard guy to match)- Marc Anthony?

Matt Duffy- Guy Pearce?

A.J. Thelen- Tom Welling or Billy Idol?

Mathieu Roy- Justin Timberlake?

Paul Healey (another hard guy to match)- Adrien Brody?

Brandon Buck- Jason Lee or (young) Eric Idle?

Barry Brust- Sean Astin?

Ross Carlson- Luke Wilson (the best Wilson)!

Phil Paquet (this gave me the most trouble)- Justin Berfield (Reese from Malcom in the Middle)?

With all the roster changes we've had this year it was hard to include all the guys, I just went with the current roster and added some extras. Feel free to yell at me if I missed someone you think is important. And if you think you can name a better match, please leave a comment!


  1. There's a video from last season where they said Barry looked like Artie Lange. That still makes me laugh.

    Frankly, after talking to him for a while today, Artie Lange effing WISHES! My god. So hot.

  2. Some of these are stretches, but some are pretty good.

    Guthrie looks a lot less like Edward Cullen in real life.

  3. What fun.. some are really clones. You inspired me to compare some of my friends... LOL.

  4. @Ms. Conduct- I couldn't get the video to work last night! I really wanted to see it.

    @ Woody- It's scary how close some of them look! You have to get Caity to interview the guys and ask them if they think they are look-alikes. I would love you forever if you made this happen!

    @ artandhockey- Be carefull, you'll waste an entire day. Also, you'll be happy to know Bucky is my new favorite player, mostly because he looks like Eric Idle ( I'm a hardcore Python fan). If I ever saw a video of him singing "Always look on the bright side of life" It would be true love!

  5. It's working for me today. I've also got it linked in the videos section of the right hand column of my blog, if that works better. Along with every other Brusty video known to man (except NDN's because I never could get it to work).

  6. Ernie Hartlieb looks like a Young Joe Nemeth!


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