Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ECHL All-Star Re-Cap (Day 1)

The All-Star game goes down tonight at 7 (and is free on B2). But yestreday was the skills competition, you can see all the details here. The Blades sent three guys to the All-Star game, and although two are not with the team at the moment they all did pretty well in the competition.

Brandon Buck, who was with the Aeros but seems to have been reassinged, was the fifth fastest skater clocking in at 14.735.

A.J. Thelen won the hardest shot competition! His shot clocked in at 101.9, the 2nd place finisher only managed 101.5.

Jacob MicFlikier won the American Conference individual puck control relay.

The American conference did end up losing to the National Conference. But who really cares about the winner of the skills competition? The real challenge is tonight when both conferences take each other on.

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