Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Links

The Blades are finally playing a home game tonight, after a (way too) long Roadtrip. Here are some links to make the time until tonight fly by...

- This new site launches today, BladesTV has so much stuff! Super excited about another way to get my Blades fix.

- Las Vegas is at it again, their girlscout jersey makes me sad for their players (it also makes me crave samoas). It's like the Las Vegas Wranglers want to be a  hockey laughingstock.

- I really have an Etsy problem. But come on look at these vintage skates, I'm in love!

- I love some of these hockey quotes.

- Your Wikipedia Hockey Page for the week is informative, for once. "Ice Hockey Statistics"

- I found these awesome posters thanks to a re-tweet by Ms. Conduct. The Pittsburg Penguins poster will be on it's way after I get my next paycheck.

- I approve of all refrences to The Princess Bride. Jordan Staal  pictues are also good...

funny sports pictures, pittsburgh penguins and shane hnidy of the minnesota wild
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