Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roster Round-Up

The hockey gods must be back on the Blades side because they've been getting some good news.

- All star defenseman (I love how that sounds!) A.J. Thelen has been sent down from the Amerks. My favorite Thelen video, just because...

- Becks is back! Goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu is back, that means no more emergency back-ups!

- Ryan Van Buskirk has signed on (stats here).

- Shea Guthrie (the sparkliest hockey player in the ECHL), as well as McJannet have been moved to the IR list. Gajic is still on the list but it sounds like he's getting close.

The Blades are playing the Elmira Jackals tomorrow. As always, I'll be listening to the radio broadcast and tweeting along.

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