Thursday, January 28, 2010

Devils Defeat Blades (2-1)

The Trenton Devils came to town and had some revenge, ending the Blades five game win streak. The Blades downfall seemed to come not just from their sloppy play), but from a solid game from the Devils goaltender Gerald Coleman.

You can find the game sheet for the game here. I really do recommend checking it out, the fact that Brusty received 4 PIM is an indication of what kind of game it was. The Devils were obviously out to get him off his game, rushing him and crowding him every chance they got. One of the rushes early in the first led to him being nailed in the head by an elbow, or knee (I can't seem to recall now). Complaining to the Ref got nowhere (I'm pretty sure remember the Ref from past "stupid/incorrect penalties all night" games). Add to that the fact that Elgin Reid was injured in the first. He was in some intense pain on the bench, on they hustled him off the ice the first chance they got. To me, it looked like it was either his right hand or wrist. There hasn't been any move on the transaction wire, or the teams website roster. Perhaps it wasn't as bad as it lookes (I'm really crossing my fingers for that).

There really isn't much else to say about the game. Mathieu Roy took on one of the Devils, and the Blades did manage to score at the 16:14 mark when Mike Bayrack (who is quickly becoming my favorite acquisition this year) got one past Coleman. Unfortunately, pulling Brusty for the extra attacker did not pay off, and the Blades lost their first game in six. I did manage to remember my camera, and got some of these lovely pictures from the game...

(Wet Wednesday means trash can pong and dirty old men hitting on me)

I'm also slowly collecting a picture of every player...

(Captain, Ross Carlson)

(Elgin Reid)

(Chris Capraro, wearing a different number than the Blades list him under)

(Ernie Hartlieb)

(A.J. Thelen)

(Carlson is on the left (I think), and Mike Bayrack is on the right)

(Barry Brust and Thelen)

(Chris Beckford-Tseu)

You may remember I was planning on going up to breakaways to get some scribbles on my jersey. That didn't go well, and my jersey still has the same number of scribbles as it did before. The problem? I'm kind of a huge chicken, I froze every time one of the guys walked past. So, I missed Becks (which I was most upset about), Zanon, Olson, and Hotham. The other part was that some of the guys took some back stairs to leave, eliminating my chance to get some cajones. Hopefully, I can work up some courage before the next Wet Wednesday.

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  1. Sounds like that was a 'devilish'game.. and others to come without BB, what are you going to so.. just kidding!


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