Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blades vs. Jackals Round-Up

The Blades played back to back games with the Elmira Jackals Friday and today, and will go on to play the Royals tomorrow.

Friday's game saw A.J. Thelen, just back from a stint in the AHL open the scoring. The Jackals got on the board in the second with Yannick Tifu (remember him from last year?) scoring. They managed to score one more in the second period, as well as getting another from Tifu in the third. The Blades just couldn't find a way to score and ended up losing 3-1.

Saturday was a much more interesting game. Not only did Benn Olsen get into two fights (he's now tied with Steve McJannet for number one in fights), Ernie got into one too. Chris Beckfor-Tseu started in goal for a second night in a row but had to be relieved by Mike Morrison after he allowed four goals. Both Roy, Healey, Nicholson, and Roy were able to score, and Mike Morrison was able to hold the fort, allowing the Blades to tie it up and force OT. After a very exciting OT with both teams getting time on the Power Play, it came down to a shoot-out.

It all came down to Mikey-Mo...
The Jackals chose to shoot first,
- Tifu tried, but was denied
- Healey tried for the Blades, but was denied
- J. Donati came next and got one past
- Carlson tried to even it up, but was denied
-T. Donati came next, and scored
- Capraro tried to give the Blades a chance but hit the crossbar
- Proulx was denied, putting pressure on the next Blade shooter
- Nicholson got one past Ellis giving the Blades the chance they need
- Konkle was up next and missed a chance to give the Jackals the win
- It all came down to Thelen to tie it up, but was denied
That gave the Jackals the win making the final score 5-4.

And, just because I'm mean here is a video from last month. Enjoy watching the Jackals try to sing Christmas carols.

I feel so much better now, don't you?

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